Use Corona & learn Programming

  • You want to protect your job by becoming invaluable?
  • Your boss reduced your working hours and you want to secure your job?
  • You always wanted to learn software development but never had the time?

Then this blog post is just the right one for you. 

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Understand the basic C# concepts
  • Get started with learning programming

Corona as a chance

Corona is all around us now, it is a huge crisis, a lot of people are in the homeoffice or lost their job. How can we use this crisis for something good? Actually this is a very unique chance for you to improve your skills and secure your income and family for the future. It’s time to learn PROGRAMMING

Before we head right into the topic, you should check out our Youtube Tutorial about 10 hacks on how to learn to code:

Why do you want to program

The most important question is probably, why do you even want to learn to code. For example I always wanted to create computer games, back when I was 10 years old, my parents did not allow me to play them, so I started to design some games on paper. Three years later I had gathered enough money by mowing the lawn in order to buy a laptop and start writing my first games. Don’t get me wrong, you definately don’t have to had started in your childhood and have a „certain goal“ that you want to achieve in a given time here. You know,programming is just a process. You will improve that skill and learn throughout your whole life day by day. And it doesn’t really matter how good you are right now, as long as you start delivering solutions to all the problems around you.

Nobody will look into your sourcecode once you have delivered and sold a finished problem-solving product in-time with a massive profit. Over time you will learn how to write „clean“ and „loosely coupled“ code, however the „cleanest“ programmers are usually very slow which can kill projects right from the start. Especially as programmers sometimes are so good in coding only, that they tend to forget, that the businessmodel and the solution should be tested with smoketests before they write a single line of code. Smoketesting and MVPs safe millions. See here:


Why not to program

Always remember that at the end of the day, programming is just a tool that solves problems in the real life. So after you know how to program, you should learn how to solve problems that usually don’t even need huge sourcecodes to be solved.

What I mean by that is: We spent tenths of thousands of euros in prototypes, where we later learned, how to create them in just one week – with powerpoint – and for free. You can prevent that mistake and make an MVP with powerpoint first and if that works out, then you start programming

How do learn to program

Alright, so if you want to become a developer, you first should have a mini-project to solve. Ask your friends about some problems, then break it down to something super small and google on how to solve that problem and with what programming language.

I prepared one for free for you. If you want to learn how to do 3d or VR simulations & games, industry software or native applications, this video might help you:

What fields of programming are out there

As you might have anthicipated, there is not just C# out there. Basically, there are a lot of programming languages and programming fields, such as:

Data Scientist

Usually work in universities, have a big lot of data infront of them, that they have to analyze. They use python very often, don’t code that much, but are very good in making analyses fast. You should definately learn to code first and then you can do this job. Data Scientists are the theoretical part here that construct Machine Learninig models, that are then implemented by a Machine Learning Engineer.

Machine Learninig Engineer

They are the intersection of a software developer and a Data Scientist. They can implement the models that are given by the Data Scientists and make sure, that the software works even with gigabytes of data. Machine learning engineers are able to understand the task and setup the machine so that it can learn on its own to do smart tasks. I once trained a Machine Learning Model to play football against itself in 3D, so that you could watch the football players, called „agents“, how they played against each other.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

For this kind of field you need to understand a 3D Engine that is compatible with AR and VR. I can highly recommend the Unity Engine for that, as it is super powerful, it is used by the industry a lot (especially the manufacturing or car industry) and easy to learn. Its competitors are the Unreal Engine, which is based on C++, slightly more difficult do program, but also outstanding powerful and the Crytec Engine. For web you can also play around with Three.Js, however that is by far not close to the other engines and more for your private taste. Keep in mind, that some developers might be very emotional about their development environment, try not to hurt them, they all have their place.

Web Development

Web development is a huge field of software development and I highly recommend to have a glimpse into this field aswell. No matter where you want to start with software development, web technology is needed almost in any application. Be it with Node.JS when you want to write a backend, or Angular / React for a web-frontend. Even your backend will need some kind of frontend and then you should know how to do a simple one yourself without having to hire someone. The good thing here is definately, that you can use a fancy expensive Mac, that makes you look smart and rich. It might be overpriced or whatever, but it just „feels“ right and it is more productive than going to church on sunday. You will go to apple stores by free will even, once they proselyted you <3 😉

Database Administrator

They are responsible for keeping a database of a company safe, do backups, restore broken infrastructure in the database. They also analyze the data, do statistics and write some code here and there to keep everything in order or gather more data.

Mobile app developer

In some countries, everybody has a smartphone, but almost nobody owns a computer. Mobile apps are on its way to conquering the PC world more and more and have already won the battle in almost every sector. Knowing how to make mobile apps is definately a great deal, however a lot of mobile software is based on web technology or even 3D technology today.

Programming languages

There are tons of programming languges, you definately should start with one. Once you know one, the others are pretty similar.

  • Python (AI, Machine Learning)
  • C++ (Drivers / Blockchain / hardware development)
  • C# (Industry / Gaming / Windows software / VR AR)
  • Java (Databases, finance industry, backend)
  • Javascript / Typescript / PHP (for Web / Server)
  • Solidity (for Blockchain)
  • Swift (for Apple Dev)
  • Go (Cloud Computing, Networking)
  • Shellscript (Administrator)

Micro habits

The thing is, you will never „know“ a language 100% as it is developing very fast. So what you can do is do some daily habbits. just program 5 minutes a day every day. You will sometimes do more as you are already sitting infront of the computer. Maybe an hour or so. But do at least 5 minutes, even if you have almost no time whatesoever. I do even just one minute for my youtube tutorials (usually I sit 3 hours then). It is just important for your brain to have a daily habit on this thing.

Isn’t it too late for me?

Aren’t there already so many outstanding developers, that are far more experienced than you? Well the good thing is, as technology advances so fast, all those „senior developers“ are in reality just outdated. There is always a never, better solution to the problems that you can learn within a couple of months. Most developers don’t grow wise, they just know a lot of stuff that nobody needs anymore. Or have you ever seen a great ACCESS VBA Database Expert shine with his knowledge in Machine Learning or Web Development? (VBA is an old Scripting language from Microsoft, that just died).

Apply for Jobs

I recommend that you start as an intern, and then either switch to another company after a couple of years or get a promotion. If your current company doesn’t want to promote you, you can still show them the offers that you have and then they might pay you the extra. It will rise your value to them, that there are competitors asking for you knowledge. Just apply for other jobs here and there to see what they can offer or to approve, that your current boss is just the best one in the world.

Start today

Do the first 5 minutes of your coding right now. get started with the video tutorial that I showed you above or with some other or course. Be brave, outgrow fear and embrace change!